A new SAO episode is out. I wish I could call you and talk about it :( brought out the book again. I hope you’re writing too

Mornings aren’t the same :/ the sky isn’t as blue, the sun isn’t as bright. Nights are and will be a constant battle with loneliness. But whatever the pain I have to suffer, I will suffer it. If it means in time. In the end, things will be okay.

I only come on Tumblr for him. I’ve made so many mistakes, and I will make things right. He deserves so much. I’ll prove myself deserving of him. Deserving if myself. He will always be the one. I’m always his, he’s always mine. Forever and a lifetime ♡



A pic from a shoot with sleeping-with-dragons.

0 notes doesn’t get me laid

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Might have went a lil overboard on this edit but I like it *shrug*.